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Restoring the Damage Caused by Fires in Jacksonville

house fire

Few things are more terrifying than your home catching on fire. You only have a short amount of time to get everyone out safely. Naturally, the residential structure itself becomes a secondary concern, but once the flames are put out, you’re left to pick up the pieces. Your house was your castle, and now you must begin the arduous process of fire damage restoration for the interior and exterior. Don’t go through this process alone, as there may be serious structural concerns. Contact Triton in Jacksonville to help you with your fire damage repair. We’ve been working in fire restoration for years. In fact, we’re members of the Restoration Industry Association. Our technicians know how to assess the damage and then work with you and your insurance carrier to rebuild and restore.

Repairing Homes & Businesses Damaged by Smoke

Fire restoration includes smoke damage repair. Our company also offers smoke restoration services to homeowners and commercial clients. If your business fell prey to a fire, we can mitigate the smoke damage. Interior and exterior walls will cling onto the black char and odor smoke leaves behind. Your furniture, carpeting, drapes and clothing can also be saved if not burnt. We can come into your residence or office and clean up and refresh everything that was left tarred by the blaze’s aftermath. Don’t attempt to take care of this by yourself. We know how to protect ourselves against respiratory dangers and to ensure that your building is safe to enter once again.

Clearing the Air in the Orlando & Lake City Areas

Whether you’ve been the victim of a conflagration in Jacksonville, Orlando or Lake City, Triton can help you by making everything new again. We know how to mitigate fire and smoke destruction, and we are also experts in mold remediation in the event the fire hoses oversaturated your walls. We are IICRC and NORMI certified, licensed, bonded and insured. Call us today at 904-619-8212.